Christchurch House Checks
& Building Inspections

Solutions Team provide the full range of building inspection, compliance and regulatory guidance services. Our specialised service assists clients with meeting all their Council compliance requirements, quickly and effectively. This includes residential and commercial projects and the more specific building and construction regulatory requirements.

We act on behalf of our clients to provide a full end-to-end service throughout the design, construction and compliance phase of any residential or commercial project. We are based in Christchurch however our services can be provided throughout New Zealand.

Our staff are highly qualified and well trained to provide you with assistance during your building project.

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Solution Team Feature Service:

Building Inspections
House Inspection

A pre-purchase house inspection will help to identify any potential problems that could endanger your family's safety and be costly to fix in the future.

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Building Inspection Services

Building Inspection Services

  • Certificates of Acceptance
  • Earthquake Repair/Damage Audits
  • Expert, professional advice
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